The City Together

Beyond the big department stores – how can we evolve our city centres? What role does architecture play in all this? Or are soft factors more decisive? Which stakeholders are key players? What do investors, politicians, administrators, and the “ordinary citizen” expect – and where are they willing to try new strategies? What mix of uses is desirable for the future, and how can we make them work? How do commercial and authentic non-commercial spaces interact? Are they even mutually dependent? What areas should we invest in?

An evening on fresh concepts for the city centre – with a special focus on the area around the Zeil in Frankfurt. Plus inspiring international examples.

Marcus Gwechenberger, Head of Planning and Housing, City of Frankfurt
Matthias Alexander, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Daniel Reichwein, Hines
Ellen van Loon, OMA
Alexander Möll, Hines

Nadin Heinich, plan A

The City Together is a Germany-wide event series organized by Hines in cooperation with plan A. The series is fostering meaningful dialogue among key stakeholders shaping our cities. As a major international real estate developer and investor in Germany, Hines recognizes its responsibility in engaging with the urban community.

In light of the fundamental transformation underway in the construction industry, the inaugural series is dedicated to “Agents of Change“ – the visionary creators who are actively making the building transition a tangible reality – reimagining our cities and society.


The City Together 2024 in Frankfurt am Main:

Monday, 3.6.2024, 18:30

For questions about the event please contact:

Katrin Kösters
T +49 89 461 331 635