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How to Survive in Moscow

Public space was long a non-issue in Moscow. It was not until 2010, with the removal of mayor Yuri Luzhkov that a change began. A rethinking of public spirit occurred that went beyond the collectivist ideals of the Soviet period and the egocentrism of the preceding decade. As a result, planners once again began to work on the design of public space. Wowhaus became one of modern Moscow's most interesting and important architecture offices.

At the same time, criticism was voiced that the sudden interest in the redesign of public space mainly served political purposes and was also designed to prevent demonstrations such as the ones that occurred after parliamentary and presidential elections in 2011 and 2012. So is all this just a copying of western trends, carried out in order to conceal social problems with the help of attractive packaging?

Wowhaus and the redesign of public space in Moscow. Extended version.

March 2016

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